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Witches have long used the powers and forces within the sea, for the purpose of magic. The Sea is so deeply connected to the cycles of the Moon, that the aspect of Sea Magic cannot be overlooked. Janarric witches, in the central coastal region of Italy, long ago devised a system of symbols which they used in the casting of spells. These symbols were placed upon sea shells, in a circular manner around the edge of the shell. The shell was then set near the water, at the appropriate Tide (lunar phase), so that the Sea Powers would receive the spell, and grant it success.

Many times, offerings were left upon the shore, for the deities, to invoke Their favor. These offerings included white flowers, pearls, white pebbles, etc. I cannot reproduce the old symbols here, but any symbolic symbol which reflects your wish should work:

The Spell of the Shell

To perform this spell, you must find a suitable shell in shallow water. Take the shell and dry it thoroughly. Next, place a symbol of your desire upon the surface of the shell. The symbol must be made with a substance which will easily wash off in water. Then, place the shell upon the shore, so that the Tide will bring waves across the shell. Take care to note the phase of the Moon (waxing moon for the gain of something, waning for the dissolving of something). When the shell is in place, draw a triangle in the sand, enclosing the shell completely. The symbol upon the shell must be facing upwards (toward the Moon).
Meaningful words, or phrases, may be placed upon the shell also, or simply written in the sand (inside the triangle). Finally, give the words of enchantment: (toward the moon)

"Goddess of Moon, Earth, and the Sea,
each wish in Thy name must come to be.
Powers and Forces which Tides do make,
now summon Thy waves, my spell to take

Leave the area now, and the spell is set. Once the waves come, then your wish will be taken out to the Old Ones. It will usually take about 7 days for a Lunar spell to begin to manifest, but can take as long as 28 days.

This type of magic is what we call "little works", and belongs to the folkmagic level of Witchcraft. There are, of course, much more involved spells, and such.
But, I do love the simplistic beauty of a spell like this.

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