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Sohbet is spiritual conversation from an enlightened soul. In the practice of sohbet, teachings are transmitted from teacher to students through storytelling, presence, and sacred space. A sohbet can encompass the physical and mundane or the metaphysical and sublime.

The English language is often inedequate when it comes to describing spiritual states of mind. Sohbet, in Sufism, is a spiritual transaction between teacher and student which relies on ancient oral storytelling traditions and practices. Mystical knowledge and Devotional Love is transmitted during Sohbet in such a way that it attempts to circumvent the knots of the rational mind and connect the hearts of the seekers. Sohbet can be undersood as a spiritual dialogue, a cleansing of the soul and a meeting of the hearts. From the metaphysical to the very physical, Sohbets help us reflect on the events of our everyday lives and guide us in our search for a sense of unity and security.

- Garden of the Sufis, Sohbet

The Sufis employ the use of several practices to awaken one's true nature. Sufi teacher Sherif Baba has webcast on his site which is more like a mystical conversation and you can listen wherever you are. Sufism is nondogmatic and people of all faiths are welcome.

CLICK here to visit the page of webcast sohbet of Sherif Baba. in the page click on the button 'babacast' to play the sohbet. look out for pop-up blocker, the file may run in a pop-up window ">Sherif Baba (born 1944) came to the United States in 1991 and since 1993 has been living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where the Rifa'i Maruf'i Order of America and the Universal Center of Light is based. Sherif Baba received intensive education in Sufism in the Nakshibendi, Halveti, Kadiri, Bektashi, Melami, and Rifa'i Maruf'i Order from which he received his Idjazet or 'certificate of teaching' in Manisa, Turkey. May God reward him greatly for his devoted work.

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Rifa'i Marufi Order of America Sherif Baba

Universal Center of Light

Rifai Marufi Sufi Order[+] Please visit MysticSaint.Info For full multimedia experience and enjoy special music.


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