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We have found that this simple spell has been very effective in harmonizing our inner mechanisms and bringing a feeling of well-being to us. Here it is:

1. Obtain a vial (about 100mL) of water from a steadily flowing river and put aside.

2. Light two blue candles and place at the north and south points of a circle.

3. Light two white candles and place at the east and west points of the same circle.

4. Scatter freshly picked lavender and crushed leaves of an iceberg rose evenly around the perimeter of the circle and sit within it, facing the north point.

5. Cross the arms loosely over the chest and focus your awareness on the breath entering your body and slowly spreading through it.

6. Return your focus slowly to your environment and extinguish the candles using the river water, kneeling before each as you do so, in the order north-west- east-south.

Simple Healing Spell

Put both hands to your ears. Summon all your energy and rub your temples three times in a circular motion. Chant the word Maiyor. Put your hands to your ankles.

Rub them as you did your temples, but lighter, and gather more energy. Chant the word Molaris. Put your hands to the hurt spot, and chant the final word, Sultanar.

This spell is a small healing spell, and will usually only work on minor muscle soreness, depending on how much energy you gather and your concentration. It could be integrated into a more complete rite or added to if you want to improve it.

A Short Healing Spell for Rashes and Such

Take prepared ointment and begin rubbing into effected area in a clockwise motion. As you rub it in say these words, "As I rub deosil, Take this flesh and make it well, Take the pain and itch away, Make it better day by day."

The longer you rub and repeat the spell the quicker the effected area heals. I have had a rash heal in just a few hours using this when it persisted before then.

To Lure a Spirit

"Darksome Night and Shining Moon, Hearken to the Witches' rune."
"East then South, West the North. Hear! Come! I call thee forth!"

To Get Rid of a Headache

To get rid of a headache, focus all of your thought on exactly where the pain is, the chant thrice:

"Tame thou flesh and blood, As our lady tames the lion."

Healing (especially good for long-distance)


3 candles-blue, white, pink
incense (1 part allspice, 1 part rosemary)
paper with name of recipient
quartz crystal

Place candles on altar in semi-circle, with the incense off to the side.
Place the person's name in the center, with the quartz crystal on top.
Center yourself, and inhale the incense.
Gather energy, and when you feel ready, release the energy, directing it through the crystal to the recipient.

This is a Love Spell

This is a love spell that has been proven to work. You only need a few house hold supplies:

A Small Pot
Basil Seeds
Rich Soil

Sow the seeds in a small pot thinking loving thoughts about your love. Put the pot in a warm place and water them frequently. Keep them in a warm safe place.
IMPORTANT: DON'T let them die! Sooner or later the person will start to show feelings for you and the spell has worked!

Spell to Rid Yourself of a Song Stuck in your Head

Take 1 bar of soap, and soap yourself up. Then sing the song as you rinse.


The Tools Needed

A green cloth as big as your hand.
A white string.
One crystal. (suggested: quartz, malachite, bloodstone, or turquoise)

Herbs: Mustard seed, dill, clove, fennel, sage, cinnamon, ivy, orange, apple seed, patchouli. (Use at least 4 of the suggested herbs.)

A coin, or a bill. (suggested a fifty cent piece, gold coin or a dollar bill.)

One green candle.

As always you can call upon "god" as you choose to recognize him/her/them. I suggest for this spell that gods, and/or goddesses of fertility are called in (Pan, Hestia, Isis, Venus, Herne).

Upon the candle carve a dollar symbol, your initials, your astrological symbol, and a pentagram. If possible anoint your candle with essential oil (of any of the herbs listed above). Lay your herbs out onto a piece of tin foil, or wax paper. Gently roll you candle in the herbs. Directly place it in the candle holder. Light the candle, and as the flame takes shape envision a beauteous blooming flower in it's place. Gather the remaining herbs in to a mortar or bowl. Mix or grind these herbs, while thoughts of fertility, growing plants, flowing money, and positive change occurring in your life. Place the herbs in the green cloth, and tie with the white string. At this time address the Gods you have called in and explain to them your need for money, and or fertility.
Hold the Sachet and crystal in your right hand.

Then envision a green sphere of light swirling around you in a clockwise motion.
Allow the vision to become vividly clear. When you are ready, close the circle.

May the Gods of Growth and prosperity smile upon you!

Books in PDF format to read:

Aleister Crowley - Songs For Italy
Richard Weiss - Recipes For Immortality

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