Simple Money Spells

Simple Money Spells Cover
Simple Money Spell I:

Items needed:

- green candle with rune symbol of money and prosparity etched in the side
- cinnamon oil
- objects that represent money( jewelry, coins, dollar bills, etc.)

1.Annoint the candle with the oil, and place in candle holder.
2.Place the items that represent money in a circle around the candle.
3.Light the candle and visualize a green mist or light coming from the flame. In the mist or light visualize silver coins floating around.
4.Now use your hands and grab as many coins as possible.
5.Finally, chant the following:

Rich I'll be, money and prosperity come hither to me.

Let the candle burn out.

Desperate Need for Money:

If you find you are desperately in need of a little money,
chant this phrase a few times.


The money will appear just before you need it, and I do mean need, not just want!

Essential Money Spell:

Around campfires or in their sunny vardos the Romanies invoked spells to bring prosperity. The following spell has been popular for centuries; in the past, coins of an earlier date were used, preferably gold.

Take five short green candles and ten quarters.
Rinse the coins in warm salt water.
Set five saucers in a circle and
place one coin in the center of each saucer.
With a little melted wax, securely fix a lighted candle on top of each coin.
Distribute the five remaining coins inside the circle so that they form a five?pointed star with the apex facing away from you.

Say aloud:

I need [amount of money] immediately.

Imagine green and purple five?pointed starlight glowing from the candle flames. Imagine coins cascading from the flames for several minutes.

Let the candles burn out naturally.

Provided your need is genuine, a windfall should be on its way.

When it arrives, say thank you to the mystic world.

Drawing money to fill your need:

Items Needed:
1 Green Candle
Bayberry Oil
Drawing Oil
Alter Cleansing Oil

Wait till Full Moon. Evening is best, when your home is quiet and you can be alone to focus. Make your circle as usual. Cleanse green candle with Altar Cleansing Oil, focus on the white light entering your crown chakra and going through your body and entering the candle from your hands.

Anoint candle with Bayberry and Drawing oil. Start from the center with your left hand going up and your right hand going down the candle. While anointing say

"Lovely Goddess of the Moon,
Send to me your wealth real soon,
Silver rays you do shine,
Let good fortune be mine.
As it is above it is below,
This I ask please make it so."

Repeat as many times as necessary. Place candle on a fireproof surface and allow to burn out. Please do not leave candles unattended.

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