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Book: Witching Way Of The Hollow Hill by Robin Artisson

I was extremely impressed with this book. So much so that I intend to purchase all of Robin's other works as well. Never before have I encountered an author & teacher who is so "raw" in his telling of the way he sees things. Mr. Artisson does not hold back! This book presents a pagan perspective of Nature, the Land & Fate like we have never seen before in print. The Old Ones, Spirits & Ancestors are presented in a balanced way that reflects the truth about who they are and our relationship to them. Mr. Artisson clearly shows how important and crucial it is to connect to the Land and all who reside within. To "see" that there is so much more truth out there than meets the eyes. Witches are the ones who affect change and our path is both rewarding and difficult beyond belief. Even as Witches & pagans, most of us still only want to see and know what we are comfortable with. The reality is that Nature, in all her magnificence is both beautifully serene and mysteriously terrifying at the same time. Robin presents the balance. The Truth of the matter from a perspective rarely thought about or probably, a perspective many are scared to think about. His book is one Witches view. A way of looking at things so radically different (to some) that it will be uncomfortable for many. We are clearly in a time of great change within the pagan community. Old established "rules" about what Witchcraft is & isn't are being challenged. Many people who fit into the modern, new-age "Wiccan" framework might have a problem with this book. Even old age "Traditional Witches" might have a problem with it. That's okay. To each their own. I know personally I have been introduced to occult subject matter in the past that I did not agree with at the time but have since, many years later, embraced. We like to think that we as pagans & Witches are different and are more open minded than some people of organized faiths. But often times, in reality, we are quite narrow minded in our views. I encourage all Witches & pagans to read this wonderful book with an open mind and allow yourself the possibility of changing your view. Witchcraft is all about change. I don't believe and practice the same as I did 25 years ago. No one does if they are honest about it. That doesn't mean that what I used to believe was wrong. How could it be since it was what shaped who I am now. Remember your past and honor it and set no limits for your future. One of the worst things a Witch can do is become stagnant & static in their thoughts and beliefs. Mr. Artisson's belief's and practices are what's right for him and other like minded Witches in this place and time. For many, following a different road is what's right for them in the here and now. For some that may be eclectic Wicca or for others, Christian inspired Satan worship. Who's to say what's right and wrong and where that thread will lead them in the future. Only Fate knows. This book is about Fate and about traveling the road less traveled. Both darksome & divine, harrowing & holy that it is. I whole-heartedly recommend this book to any Witch who dares to look at their Craft & faith from a different perspective and challenge themselves to go off of the path traveled by so many and to walk the hidden path traveled by so few.

This is a book that acts as a 'traveler's guide' to a hidden country within each human being. Primal peoples all over the world embrace the ideas discussed in this work: the animistic worldview, spiritual communion with the dead and the Unseen World, sorcery and magic.

Author and traditional witch Robin Artisson explores these mystical themes from the perspective of The Old Faiths and pre-Christian metaphysical impulses of Europe and the British Isles. Bringing a new perspective to these ancient practices and making them more accessible, this book is a key to the door that leads into the mythical dimension of each person, and every feature of the sacred landscape. It helps to unlock the hidden wisdom in folklore, shed light on the enigma of the human being, and manifest an experience of the wisdom of the Old Ways- insofar as a book can. This book is about getting out of books and back into the spiritual dimension of the Land itself, and requires considerable dedication and work.

Originally self-published by the author, this is the third edition of this popular book.

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Witching Way Of The Hollow Hill

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