The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Spells

The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Spells Cover

Book: The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Spells by Michael Johnstone

Here are fun spells for all needs: to revive passion, to find love, for health, to attract money, and to help job seekers. There's one for cat lovers—88 white-magic spells in all. The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Spells contains everything one needs to make their dreams come true, including practical steps to take if the spells don't take effect immediately. With step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions and easy-to-find tools and ingredients, this comprehensive volume emphasizes how to use spells and magic positively, for self-development. Discover your true nature and destiny with this fun guide to self-help magic!

Easy spells using easy to find items/ingredients. The spells are effective and make it easy to alter to suit your own needs. The only drawback is that despite it's claim as the 'ultimate' spell book, it is limited as far as types of spells. I have many more witchcraft books that are more varied in choices and types of spells (i.e.; love, prosperity, protection, etc...). Other than that, I would recommend this book.

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