Rain Magickal Roach Motel

Rain Magickal Roach Motel Cover


(and why Margaret Hamilton does the wakeup calls)

Let's say something is coming at you that you don't want: someone's negative energy, the occasional stray addictive craving even people with good recovery get, someone's cold you may have been exposed to, a malicious lawsuit, even a danger of physical violence or a deliberate negative "sending"....anything you want to stop before it gets to you.

(IMPORTANT: Newcomers to magick, this is a spell of Capture, so don't *ever*
use it on a person, only on any of h/er negative energies you find yourself needing to block. And "oldcomers": I'm assuming here that you've already done the mundane footwork: getting away from the violent person, treating your addiction, hiring a lawyer, calling the cops, etc. This spell works, but it's NOT a substitute for basic forms of self-preservation.)

Anyway, go out and find a clinker, a witchburr (the prickly spherical burrs from sweetgum or sycamore trees), a big rough knotty wad of twine, or anything else hard or rough with mazelike, spongelike or swiss-cheesy inner passageways. Or if you're of the dark-humor persuasion as I am, use a real Roach Motel. Whatever, this object will be your trap.

Place the trap in the center of your altar, and light a black or dark-blue candle and some incense of a "tough", darkly protective scent like myrrh or dragon's blood at its north side. At its south side, light a pink or other pretty, innocent pastel candle and some sweet floral incense (rose is great, and the combination of rose with myrrh or dragon's blood will make your house smell good for days.).

Cast a quick circle and cut a door in the south.

Sit down at the north side of the altar, facing south, and ground and center.
Concentrate on the deep safety of your connection with the earth till you can really feel it. KNOW THAT NOTHING CAN HURT YOU HERE. Invoke Hecate, Oya or other strong crone Goddess or hunter/warrior God of your choice.

Picture the negative energy or germ or malice or whatever coming in the south door, drawn by the pretty light and sweet incense. Watch it get intrigued by the trap object and decide to wander in. See it going deeper & deeper in, getting hopelessly lost & confused or, in the case of the Roach Motel, stuck like a bug in gooey adhesive. Since it is something that wants to hurt you, gloating is appropriate and Margaret Hamilton imitations ("NOW I've got you, my pretty!
) are even better.

When you are sure the negative energy or entity really can't get out, blow out the pink candle and douse the sweet incense. Say thanks, earth your energies, let yourself out the south door and seal the circle from outside. Let the black candle and dark incense burn themselves out.

Later, after they have, take down the circle, earth the power, and put the trap away someplace, wrapped in dark cloth. Most can be re-used a few times; if one begins to feel "full" or stale, throw it in a river or lake (thanking the water)
or some bleak place nobody walks (thanking the earth even if it's covered with concrete).

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