Does She Like Love You Put A Spell On Them To Find Out

Does She Like Love You Put A Spell On Them To Find Out Cover DOES HE/SHE LIKE/LOVE YOU? PUT A SPELL ON THEM TO


Can't get your mind off that certain someone? Can't decide if that certain
someone likes/loves you or not? What else is new? Why not put a spell on them to
find out? I created this spell once when I had that exact problem.

What you need:

1 vanilla scented candle (needs to have been burned for at least 10 minutes
sometime before)
Lilac scented home fragrance oil
1 piece of purple (light) colored paper
1 red pen

What to do:

Write on the purple paper (using red pen) these exact words (fill in the

I ___(your name)_______ love ____(his/her name)______ and if he/she loves me
back, then he/she will not be able to think of anything or anyone else besides
me until he/she lets me know how he/she feels. This flame represents my love for

Now read enough times so that you kind of know it by heart (don't have to know
every word).

Pour just a dab of the oil on top the candle around the wick. Make sure that
when you light the candle it is on a table with nothing else on it. Light the
candle. Let it burn for a couple of minutes. During this time you should be

Hold the paper over the smoke (don't burn the paper yet) until you feel like it
is engrossed with the flames power. Chant what it written on the paper for about
5-10 minutes non-stop. Try to stare at the flame and empower the flame with your
love for this person.

After you are done chanting, take the paper in the tongs and burn it (you may
have to blow it out and turn the paper and re-light so that you don't burn
yourself). While the paper is burning chant "I seal this love will fire".

Every part of the paper should have been burned so that you can't read it. Put
the pieces in an envelope and seal it shut. Put a dab of the lilac oil on the
tip where you closed it.

Extinguish the candle and rub the wax on the edge of the envelop where you
closed it (the flap that you licked and shut). Now send the letter (or give it)
to the person. They must not know it was you who sent/gave them this envelope.
If they like you they should let you know. Remember this is not a love spell,
this is a spell to find out if someone else loves you. Most of the time this
works, but on occasion it doesn't.

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