Anger Relavation Spells

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What are some anger relevation spells?

Symbolic baneful actions are also cathartic actions. They drain and clear
our poisonous feelings and allow our own emotional healing to begin. If we
deny ourselves this outlet, what happens to the grief and pain and rage?

I am part of the All. "An it harm none" is about me too. Release of my
feelings is my right.

At first it seems like an insoluble paradox. But the same Understanding of
magic that forbids Projection of our bad feelings can open a safe channel
for those feelings. Here's one possible form:

1/ Understanding
Think about the Alcoholics Anonymous prayer "Grant me the serenity to
accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference." People of any religion can
recognize the wisdom in these words. This ritual is intended to ease
emotional pressure. I believe that is a step towards granting all three of
those things to ourselves. If your hurt is ongoing, take steps to stop
it...What good this Circle does you will be temporary at best if you are
not acting on both the magical and material planes... Prevention and
healing are human tasks; to do them is to change the things we can change.
Justice - the evening of karmic balances - is the business of the Gods, and
may take place across a span of many lifetimes. Karmic balance is not a
thing we can change.

2/ Set Up
* You have some decisions to make. 1: Whether you will work alone or ask
one or more trusted friends to witness and facilitate your working. 2.
Nest, exactly what kind of symbolic action will release your feelings? Will
kicking a pillow suffice, or do you need to make a poppet, or will
screaming work? If you want to work with a physical symbol, prepare it in
advance. Do not use anything you will want to keep after the rite or ever
use again. 3: Figure out whether you can cast a Circle to include your
bathroom, or leave a cast Circle for a period of time. If possible, have a
warm scented tub waiting for you. If not, a basin of warm scented water and
a washcloth within easy reach just outside your Circle will suffice. Also,
a ritual meal, including Something green and growing, and something sweet,
should be prepared and waiting just outside the Circle.

3/ Procedure
Waning moon is a good time, and the Dark of the Moon is even better. Cast
the Circle and invoke the Watchers in your usual manner. Call on the Crone,
on She who weeds and prunes and disposes of the obstructive and

Just inside the Circle, like a membrane in an eggshell, cast a grounding
shield. One possible image for this shield would be a black absorptive
chain link fence, supported at regular intervals by fence posts that are
lightning rods. Whatever happens within this space will be grounded.

Make clear to yourself what you wish to drain. Say it aloud, even if you
are alone. Recall what happened to you in detail and let the feelings grow

Now let go of your feelings. Do whatever will help you to release what is
in you. Beat on a pillow or rip up a doll. Scream till you cry. Don't stop
till you are emptied. Then fling the thing you used as a symbol out of the

When you are sure you are all done, all drained, contract the shield into a
tight ball in the center of the Circle. As it contracts, it will gather the
negative energy from the Circle. Ground it. Affirm that you are sending
this energy to the fire at the heart of the Earth to be purified in that
blast furnace and cycled to wherever strong energy is needed. Know that
what you now let go is gone. Affirm this vocally.

Wash or bathe in ritual manner, feeling the last traces of your bad
feelings dissolve away. If others are present, allow them to wash and serve

Rest for a few minutes. Feel the peace of emptiness.

Then invoke the Maiden's energy for new beginnings. Have the ritual feast,
and indulge your senses. Gentle and joyful music would be effective, and
you may wish to switch to a sweeter smelling incense. This is a time to
dream dreams and plan plans. You have removed an energy drain from your
life, and you can.......?

Thank and dismiss whatever Beings you have called on, throughout the whole
ritual. Close your Circle as usual. Do not do any other kinds of working or
worship within this particular Circle.

Follow Through:

The final part of any effective magical working is "acting in accordance"
on the material plane. By doing this we give the magic a channel through
which to manifest. For this working, there are three forms of follow
through, and all are important.

1/ Remember that painful feelings are partly habitual. Stop feeding the
habit. Don't talk about the pain with anybody until at least the second
full moon after the working. This gives the habit the chance to fade out.
Eliminate the topic from your internal dialogue as well. Thinking about
action to change your life is perfectly ok; the problem is reiteration
about the old feelings of frustration and helplessness that impede change.

2/ If the hurtful situation is current and ongoing, continue with any steps
you were taking to change the things you can change. In fact, you will
probably find you have more energy than you did before to devote to your

3/ Be sure to use some of your newly freed emotional energy to reward
yourself. Take time for friendship, love, and pleasure. The object of the
exercise is to clear space for the enjoyment of life, so start right now.

(by Judy Harrow, HPs, Proteus Coven)

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