Angel Trap

Angel Trap Cover The purpose of the angel trap is to capture and dissolve any 'angels' created on
the astral by the fundamentalists to seek out and harass anyone that does not
share their religious beliefs.

The Angel Trap was originally published in Green Egg. The author's name is
Frater Scientibus. The author of this version is Julie Waters. She changed it
slightly and made it her own.

* I have added an extra instruction at the beginning and it works wonderfully
for me.

You will need:

a clean jar with a tight lid
soapy water
kosher salt
paint (black, red and yellow)
sealing wax
a lighter or matches


* With your black paint, paint X's all around the middle of the jar. They don't
have to be large to be effective. When that is dry, paint an X on the bottom of
the jar. Let dry. The purpose of the X's is this: when the angels get trapped in
the jar, they will look for a way out. There will be none. They will have no
choice but to dissolve. They will also know never to bother you again for they
will know what the consequences will be.

Pour the soapy water into the jar, swirl it around coating all sides. Pour the
water back out.

Slowly pour the salt into the jar. Turn the jar at an angle to coat all sides.
While this is drying, paint the lid black. Let dry.

Next, take the lid and paint a pentagram on the top of it using the red paint.

When that is dry, paint a spiral in the center of the pentagram using the yellow
paint. Visualize this spiral as being a pathway into the center of the jar.

When the spiral is dry, carefully put the lid back on the jar making sure not to
dislodge the salt.

Use the wax to seal the jar.

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