The Practice Of Enochian Evocation

The Practice Of Enochian Evocation Cover

Book: The Practice Of Enochian Evocation by John Dee

There are no descriptions in Dee's extant diaries of actual Enochian evocation rituals, a fact that has led some scholars to conclude that he never attempted the magic. The existence, however, of artifacts such as the wax sigils of Aemeth in the British museum indicate that Dee, at the very least, constructed some of the requisite furniture. In addition, Dee compiled Sloane MSS 3191 (the primary source for this book) to be a working collection of conjurations for use in magical ceremonies.

Although it is possible that Dee never went through with the experiments, it is far more likely that he recorded the events in a separate diary that has not survived. Dee was a rabid diarist, and kept at least three concurrent diaries during the period that he was working with Kelly, each diary covering a different aspect of his life. It would be well in character for Dee to initiate a special diary for the practice of the "radical truths" that he had sought for so many years.

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