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What is all this witchcraft stuff, anyway? Does being a witch mean you can point your finger and make things happen? Does it mean you can learn to fly on a broom and turn people into toads? Well, not quite. Witchcraft, or WICCA, is a religion. Wicca is not primarily about magic, though it does use it. Wicca is about your place in the Universe and your evolution as a spiritual being. Wicca is about moving forward on your personal spiritual journey - about learning, growing, and becoming the most you can be.

If you complete this course of 12 lessons, you will be eligible for initiation into the First Degree of Correllian Wicca. The First Degree is the lowest level of initiatory membership in a WICCAN TRADITION. Wicca is composed of many traditions most -but not all- of which recognize each others initiations. If you choose to take the First Degree initiation -and you are not obligated toyou will become a member of the Correllian tradition. The Correllian tradition is a synchretic and highly philosophical tradition of Wicca, which stresses the inherent unity of all Pagan traditions and the synchronicity of all spiritual paths. We believe that Deity is in all things, therefore all paths can lead to Deity.

Wicca is not an exclusive religion. Because we believe all paths lead to Deity, we do not believe that one must belong to any given faith or tradition to be a good person or to grow spiritually. Nor is it necessary to belong to only one. Being a Correllian initiate does not mean you can not also be an Isian, Druidic, or Dianic initiate as well -or any other tradition you might wish to study or join. You must however respect our tradition as a member and follow Correllian practices in Correllian temples -but what you do other places is your own business. Your private beliefs and conscience are your own business and we have no desire to dictate them to you. Wicca is about learning to make your own choices, and the Wiccan traditions exist to provide a framework in which to learn and grow. Wicca seeks to open your thinking, not to limit it.

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