Tarot Love Spell

Tarot Love Spell Cover When you do a spell to attract someone, the spell actually begins to change
you, and not them. In the craft, magick changes our internal world. When that
world changes the external world changes, never visa versa. So the spell must
include your needs and desire to change for the highest good. One last thing,
be very careful, in magick, for what you ask for, the Goddess may give it!!
Include the following cards for your love spell: Meditate on each card. We use
the Major Arcana because of it spiritualness in nature. True Love is
spiritual, not physical. The physical body dies, the spirit never dies.
1. Her significator, his significator.
2. The Lovers = Highest choices.
3. Hermit = Love is Spiritual in nature.
4. Magician = The magick of your life and his.
5. Universe = The Universe blesses your life.
6. Chariot = Controlling the magick within first.
7. Death = Lessons learned, willing to change.
8. Wheel of Fortune = Allow the Lord and Lady to work things out in their time.
Locate Anoiting oil, a 7 day pink candle (to find one, go to your local 99 cent
store or metaphysical store), a piece of string, and a rose.
Rose incense is also ok to burn during the magick.
Preparation for Magick
Set up the following on your altar:
- Light the incense.
- Place your two significator cards together touching each other, side by side.
- Place the candle on top your two cards
- Surround the candle with the Major arcana card forming a circle. As you
place each card, meditate on each card and its given meaning.
- Place the rose somewhere in the layout.
- With the anoiting oil, bless the candle, and infuse it with the following

*** I do anoint you oh candle of love. Firstly, I send any negative and
disharmonious energies back into the ethers. Secondly, I send Healing, Love,
and Light to my Relationship with [his name], in the name of the Lord and Lady.
Thirdly, I charge thee ol candle of Love to rekindle the fires between me and
[his Name/her Name]. If by the will of the Lord and Lady, come to me my love.
So mote it be!

- Now tie the string around the candle and repeat 3 times with love in your
heart :
*** I do re-bind the strings of our love. So mote it be!
- Spend a few moments, meditating about the magick done!
- Allow the candle to burn completely out!
- Do not move your layout, until the candle's flame is finished, 7 days later.
- Every time you see your layout, send to the flames of the candle, Perfect
love and perfect trust!
- Go on with your life and allow the Lord and Lady to work their magick in your

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