Using The Occult To Create Wealth Or Money

Using The Occult To Create Wealth Or Money Image
One element of the Occult is the ability to create wealth. If you have not seen the movie "THE SECRET" you may want to as this a perfect example of how people create wealth with thought and positive thinking. The video sums up the basic principles of how USING POSITIVE CONTROLLED THOUGHT CAN CREATE MORE THAN JUST HEALTH OR HEALING BENEFITS IT CAN ALSO DRAW MONEY..

There are two sides or two prinicples about when creating wealth with occult energy, there is the side where people are doing it everyday unintentionally and there is the side where people do it intentionally..


FIRST OF ALL UNINTENTIONAL WEALTH CREATION IS THE SAME AS INTENTIONALLY, THAT IT USES THE ENERGY AROUND US, YET THE WIELDER IS UNSURE THEY ARE DOING IT. A perfect example is in business, people using techniques of positive thinking to create more wealth in the business.. It is not like the whole concept of hokus pokus and bang money is there, however it creates money none the less.. In the end it all comes down to belief and capital understanding. By positively thinking on a business deal does not necessarily guarantee a good deal for the business person, however IT DOES DRAW DIFFERENT MAGNETIC FORCES IN THE UNIVERSE YOUR WAY VERY MUCH LIKE THE SAME AS A SORCERER.

There is a common understanding of positive thinking in the business world where ego are positive thought are two elements that can manipulate the energy, so that is where the Occult comes in.. Have you ever noticed how some people that create wealth seem to do it so easy, its almost like money is knocking on there door. The truth is these people are so confident in no rejection that the energy listens. When you think about money it is just an energy as well, neither good nor bad, just a tool that how it is used decides its fate..


INTENTIONAL WEALTH CREATION IS CREATED IN THE OCCULT VIA DELIBERATE MEANS. It can involve a ritual or meditation or even just focus on positive thought forms.. The most common intentional method in the modern age to creating wealth is through positive thought creation. This is where a person, develops a understanding of the energy and positively charges it with there money needs. This can be done via goal setting and using thought that have no negatives..

While no negative thoughts is almost impossible, the easiest technique is to prove it works first is by creating a realistic money or wealth goal. Then place the goal that is possible under your pillow and whisper it to your self every night and every morning. The paper could read simply 20 dollars will come my way tomorrow from somewhere.. See what happens, THE KEY HERE IS BELIEVING UNDENIABLY which can be hard for some people..

In future posts I will go into how to use Meditation or Rituals for wealth creation..

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Through The Gates Of The Silver Key
John Ankerberg - Satanism And Witchcraft The Occult And The West Part Ii
Frances Billinghurst - Is Wicca The Right Spiritual Path For Me

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