Finding Spell

Finding Spell Cover
FINDING SPELL taught to me by Hertha Land

When you have lost something (this works great with keys, not so well with
remote controls), first look everywhere you can think of, especially the last
place you saw them (the Gods get pissed off if you use magic out of sheer
laziness.) If you still can't find it, stand still, close your eyes and calm
your mind. Breath slowly from deep in your stomach and with your mind, call to
the thing your looking for. Then open your eyes and begin to walk slowly
around. The lost thing will call you to it. You must be aware and "feel" for

I once was looking for some seeds I wanted to plant and passed a shelf three
times. I was sure I hadn't put them on the shelf but I kept coming back to the
shelf and sure enough there they were calling out to me. I've also used this to
find car keys lost in a huge field. I walked right to them.

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