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Book: Silvers Spells For Protection by Silver Ravenwolf

Silver is the first Wiccan author whom I have discovered so far, who has had the focus to dedicate her time and energies writing this "Silver's Spells For..." series. I declare that she is doing quite a good job!

Silver Ravenwolf's Silver's Spells for protection is just the right size. By that I mean that the format of this book makes it an ideal "take along" for purse, backpack, or pocket. This book covers how to handle stalkers, abusers, and other nasties with practical information as well as magickal techniques. It also discusses some of the other irritants in life-like protecting yourself from your mother-in-law's caustic tongue and how to avoid that guy who's out to take your job.

As for the one or two folks who declared that they needed to know Wicca or how to manipulate magickal energies before they used her books, well, you are entitled to your opinion. Considering that EVERY person on this planet has the potential for magick, I dare say that you all are trying to put magick in a box! Naturally Silver remembered to put the usual cautions and admonitions about the laws of magick in the first chapters of her relax, OK?

Of course, unless the information in this book was valuable, there'd be no reason to take it along at all. But since it comes to spells, methods, and technologies for spiritual protection and prevention, this book has everything you need. That's why I started off by saying this is the right size to carry along with you: You're going to want to take it everywhere!

There is a self-blessing ritual and spells to protect your vehicle. There are spells to protect those in your home and ones to uncross yourself when confronted with negativity and setbacks. You'll find techniques to get people to stop lying about you, and others to aid you in court.

In fact, by understanding what underlies the techniques given in this book, you can come up with protection spells for any purpose. The appendices give you correspondences and suggestions so you can easily convert the spells given in this book to exactly work with your needs.

What do you do when you discover that your best friend at work sabotaged your promotion? Or if a neighbor suddenly decides that you don't belong in his town? What if a group of teens sets out to make your life a living hell? Silver's Spells for Protection contains tips for dealing with all these situations, and more.

One of the best parts of this book is a basic introduction to magick. Even if you're an old hand at spells and rituals, this section will refresh your memory and give information on ideas you didn't know or might have forgotten. How long should a ritual or spell last? Why didn't my magick work? When should I do this ritual? If magic for evil purposes works, why shouldn't I do it? All of these questions are clearly answered.

This book makes an excellent gift — to a friend or to yourself. Protection from the problems of life and from negative energies is needed by all. You can find answers here.

Anyway, don't let the naysayers put you off-- it is an excellent series, and the wide array of spells, their size and power being in direct proportion to the seriousness of the problems/people/situations at hand, are just what I needed! I live in a big city where there is LOTS of noise, and I used her suggestions for stress. Also, my ridiculous relatives have been harrassing me psychically to contact them (which in and of itself is not magickally ethical), and the "Simple Folk Spells for Little Troubles" worked wonderfully. All of her spells are, as Wiccan ethics go, WITH HARM TO NONE. Blessed Be!

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