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There are many elements to weight loss, not just one. Many people believe that it all based on the outer, what we eat, what we drink and how much exercise we do. While all these are needed in order to lose weight, one element is commonly over looked and that is the spiritual aspect of weight loss.


Spiritual weight loss is the concept of one's own beliefs being used positively and deeply, that one will lose weight. In a way it is a transformation of belief in to reality. What makes it spiritual is the spirit plays a big part in belief changes that effect the body.

The spiritual side is a massive aspect in our body, our beauty, our well being and of course to how we gain weight or lose weight and more. If you find it hard to believe then that is okay I will try to convince you that a spiritual side is apart of everything, as we keep reading.


The spiritual side of us all is affected by many elements, happiness, stress and thought. By thinking positive in one way many changes occur. It can create massive changes for the better. If one thinks negative all it can create is negative. Same goes with weight loss, we all need to think of how we want to look as well when doing a weight loss diet. But not just think, believe it.

So spiritual weight loss is about positively believing in your body and diet that it will work, positively changing oneself to the size you want. Everyday we make ourselves one step at a time. Every time we look in the mirror. Maybe it is - "I feel happy, I feel sad, I feel tired.." Do you believe me when I say these thoughts change the body. Most would agree, so it's the same as well for weight loss.

Have you noticed how amazing it is when we have a great day, everything just seems to work out all day, does it not? No worries, positive things just keep happening and the day just cruises on by. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Is it possible we created that day and is it possible there was a spiritual side. I think so.


The best and easiest way to believe in the spiritual side of weight loss is to look at others that do it everyday, look at the happy people, look at the positive people, look at the ones that achieve things that make you say wow. Look at the spiritual side of things for a change.

Look at yourself and say, "I want to be Happy, I want to Lose Weight and I am going to Lose Weight". "Each day I am a little lighter". Each day my body will change me more to what I want". "Each day I will lose more arm flab". "Each day I will stress less and let go to stressful conditioning's". "Each day will be better and better".


Many people ask me this question, how does one develop the spiritual side better and the best answer is meditation. There are two forms of meditation, awake meditation and traditional meditation. Awake meditation is where the mind wonders and is quietened by letting go while being out and about. This can be in almost any situation.

Traditional mediation is a deeper and more effective way to tune the spirit further. This is where one finds a quiet area to sit and go into deep meditation.

While in deeper meditation try to see or visualize yourself, healthy, happy, at the weight you want and surrounded by the most important things in life, including love. By doing so regularly you will attract these aspects into ones life like a magnet. The same goes with weight loss.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Allen Putnam - Spirit Works Real But Not Miraculous
John Nash - Spirituality And Gender
Sepharial - Sepharials World Predictions

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