To Upset The Plans Of A Foe

To Upset The Plans Of A Foe Cover

To upset the plans of a foe, buy a thick white candle and carve it into the
rough shape of a human being. Write the name of your enemy on a strip of paper
using red ink, and wrap the paper around the chest of the wax image. Hold it in
place by thrusting a steel pin through the chest of the figure. Think hard of
your enemy as you insert the pin. Tie a length of red thread around the feet of
the image, and suspend it upside down, saying:

"As this image of [enemy's name] is overturned,
so are the plans of [enemy's name] overthrown."

Leave the image suspended. From time to time bat it with your hand to make it
twist and swing, and repeat the charm.

by: Donald Tyson

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