Fire Spells

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The following information is found in the book Earth Power by
Scott Cunningham (Llewellyn 1992).


This spells helps to rid you of vices or guilt that you may have and the spells are executed rather easily. Take a symbol of your vice, for example a cigarette or some food, and throw it into a raging fire. As the fire destroys the symbol, it will also destroy the power it had over you. For problems which can not be represented by a concrete symbol, draw something that represents the vice to you and throw that into the fire.

To Cure

Light a piece of oak wood on fire and wait until it is mostly charcoal. When it has reached this stage, throw it into water and as it crackles and pops envision the disease leaving the body of the person with the illness. Repeat this three times.

To Communicate With Others

Write a letter to someone you would like to hear from and then set a blazing fire. Throw the letter into the fire while you firmly envision the person's face. You should receive a reply.

The Anti-fire Charm

In order to protect your home from fire, place some mistletoe in a blue drawstring bag then douse it thoroughly in cold, clear water. After doing this place it in the area of the home where your family is most often. The spell is done.

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