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The spell is at the heart of folk magick. it is simply a ritual in which various tools are purposefully used, the goal is fully stated (in words, pictures or within the mind): & energy is moved to bring about the needed result.

Spells can be as simple as reciting a short chant over a fresh rose while placing it between 2 pink candles in order to draw love; forming & retaining an image of the needed result in the mind; or placing a quartz crystal in a sunny window for protection purposes.

To perform effective magick - 3 necessities must be present: The Need, the Emotion & the Knowledge.

It has been said that magick was the first religion, & that if you lovingly utilize the forces of nature to cause beneficial change, you also become one of them.

It is these powers that have been personified as Goddesses & Gods. Attuning with them is a spiritual experience & is the basic of all true religion.


Clearly state your need.

Clearly state all dimensions of your need (enduring love, rather than just love;
complete protection, rather than just physical protection; etc.

If possible, mention some of the tools that you've decided to use in the spell in your words of power or magickal rhyme. Indeed, for some spells, these words may help you to structure the entire rhyme or chant.

Use hypnotic words (those beginning with 's" or containing a "z") for psychic- awareness, love, healing spells; Use potent, strong words for protection spells.
match the words to the type of ritual you're composing.

Don't expect the words to simply flow from you. Work at it & work with them.
Your psychic mind knows what you need.


"I ask in the name of (Goddess & God or The All) that I, Morgan, be granted (state desire)...I ask that this be correct & for the good of all people. So mote it be. In no way will this spell reverse, or place upon me any curse."

"In this night & in this hour, I call upon the Ancient power. O Goddess Bride &
Consort Bright, I ask thee now to bring your light.

"I have a need that must be met. I ask thee (name of deity) that I obtain the perfect (whatever it is) for (reason)."

"I ask the Universe to lend the power of all the correct astrological correspondences so they may enter this circle now to obtain my desire."

"Therefore, I specifically draw toward myself the (desire) without affecting the free will of all & harming none."

"I now proclaim this spell is done. The (desire) is mine! In no way will this spell reverse, or place upon me any curse! As I will, so mote it be!"

"In this sacred space & time, We call now the Old Ones; the Goddess of the moon, seas & rivers; the God of the rayed Sun, of valleys & forests; Draw near us during this, our circle.


First Saturday after Full Moon or on a Full Moon; One white & One black candle for balance; Props: protective nature (amethyst, apache tears or smoky quartz)

- Say:

"One the Eve of ( ) I cast a spell & the effect I created I must now quell.
Specifically ( ) May this spell be lifted & I now be gifted Specifically with
( )


A binding spell is the act of grasping the negative energy that is propelling a person or thing & stopping it. In a way, you are negating the unhealthy energy.

The most important thing to remember when conducting a binding spell is that you must control your own violent emotions of hatred or fear. The binding spell is for protection only, not for harm. This is not easy. The Goddess to be employed is Aradia, Queen of Witches. Be sure you are honest in your intentions. Aradia's symbol is the red garter. If you desire justice call upon Maat, she who balances the scales. However, you must be sure that your own hands are free from violence
& hatred, lest she weighs the scales for you as well! Her symbol is the pure white feather.

The binding itself is a very simple matter. A poppet can be sewn to represent the malicious person. Fill it with earth (grave dirt if you can find it),
rosemary, sage, a piece of smoky quartz & a piece of amethyst. Also enclose a piece of the person's fingernails, a lock of hair, or another personal item.
Handwriting can be enclosed if you have nothing else. Photos can be used also.
If your intention at any time during the ritual is to harm that person, remember that you will only bring harm upon yourself - so be very, very careful.

If you can't do the ritual right away, store the doll (with the head still open)
in a white cloth. During the ritual, you will sew up the head while connecting a psychic link. Then you will proceed to sew arms & legs of the doll together. You will finish by wrapping the doll mummy-fashion with a black ribbon. Bury the doll when you have completed the ritual.

A person can also be bound using mental capabilities.

Placing a sample of a person's handwriting & copper tightly in an old bell jar is a way of stopping malicious gossip. When the danger is over, burn the handwriting.


* Type of Spell or Formula:

* Date & Time Made:
* Reference:
* Astrological Phase:
* Specific Purpose:
* List Of Ingredients &/or Supplies Needed:
* Specific Location Required:
* Date, Time & Astrological Phase When Used:
* Results:
* Deities Invoked During Preparation &/or Use:
* Step By Step Instructions For Preparations &/or Use:
* Additional Notes:


* Type of Ritual:
* Date & Time made:

* Moon Phase & Astrological Correspondences:
* Weather:
* Physical Health:
* Purpose of Ritual:
* Tools & Other Items Required:
* Deities Invoked:
* Approximate Length of Ritual:
* Results of Ritual:
* Ritual Composition:
* Additional Notes:

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