Get A Raise

Get A Raise Cover

To Get a Raise

If you would like to get a raise at work, use this spell. It works without you having to directly approach the boss. It may help if you drop a few gentle hints at the end of the week, but do not be too pushy or direct. Even if you don't approach the boss, don't worry--you'll get the raise.


1 green candle 9 inches long
1 pen and some paper
1 pair of scissors


(1) Try to obtain your boss's signature on a piece of paper.
(2) Cut signature from paper so that you have a strip of paper
at least long enough to wrap around candle base.
(3) Cut seven notches at least 1 inch apart in candle.
(4) Wrap paper (with name of boss written on it) around the base
of candle, making sure that the paper clears the last notch.
(5) Light candle and repeat the words:

"Dani help me,
Liber help me.

While repeating the words, see yourself receiving the new
raise and smiling. Visualize yourself with money all around

(6) Repeat these words three times. Allow candle to burn down
to the first notch and extinguish the flame.
(7) Repeat Steps 5 and 6 daily, allowing candle to burn down
one notch only each day.

Good Luck!

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