Wolf Protection Spell

Wolf Protection Spell Cover


* 2 green candles
* 1 white candle
* Picture of a wolf/wolves
* High John the Conquerer Essential oil (Geranium oil will substitute just fine)
* Consecrated salt and water
* Wine (any "lunar" drink will do mead, milk, ale, etc)
* Honey cakes (any kind of sweet nourishing cake will do)

The pictures are to help focus the energy. The candles and oil are used to empower the spell. The consecrated water and salt are for sealing the circle. The wine and the cake is an offering of love and nourishment.


Gather your supplies, and on the night of the full moon, create a sacred space into which you will place the wolf pictures, the two candles, the cakes and the wine.

Rub the candles with the essential oil and light them. Using the salt, make a circle around your sacred space, and then sprinkle water at each of the four directions beginning in the North.

Sit or stand quietly and concentrate your energy on the wolf pictures, try to see, feel, hear, and smell the energy of wolves. If you have a recording of wolves howling - play it.

Now, chant the following:

"Candles three, green and white,

Bring protection here this night.

The Moon is full, the sky is clear,

Misfortune and evil disappear.

The mighty wolf shall ever reign,

and protect my family from harm and bane.

Come hither! Come hither!

Spirits of the Wolf, strong and great!

Guard and be guarded by this circle now

and throughout your life."

Break one of the cakes in half and eat it. Offer a blessing to the spirit of the wolf, and the light of the moon, and drink some of the wine. Then, take the remaining cakes and wine outside and leave it for the wild things to enjoy. Allow the candles to burn down, and place the wolf pictures in a safe and sacred place.

~author unknown

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