Encyclopedia Of 5000 Spells

Encyclopedia Of 5000 Spells Cover

Book: Encyclopedia Of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes

This is an excellent book for just what it claims to be- an Encyclopedia. Very thorough reference, and so much nicer than searching and piecing things together from internet sources. This book is for ages 18 and over only, though I would recommend ages 21 and up.

The author also offers appropriate warning about the hazards of attempting to work with negative or "dark" forces or energy. She also alerts the reader whenever a poisonous or toxic herb or botanical is called for, and often lists a modern or safer alternative.

The range of spells here is from those requiring no tools at all, to chants, to simple rituals, to candles spells, to herbal spells, to making tailsmans and such, to group rituals. Taking a very inclusive approach, Illes blends wisdom from paths and traditions both old and Modern From around the world.

This book is great for those who are interested in the study in spell craft -- it provides cultural history of the spells and formulas (if possible), as well as material Information, and notes when particular ingredients may be substituted or be poisonous.
The author suggests in the beginning that this book is for reference only and that nothing in this book should be attempted or should any ingredients mentioned be consumed without prior study.

It is exactly what it is titled: an encyclopedia. And it is a great one!

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