Separating Yourself From A Problem Or Person

Separating Yourself From A Problem Or Person Cover SEPARATING Yourself FROM A PROBLEM OR PERSON

Small issues can be handled in a magick circle, whereas larger issues may need a
full ritual. Think carefully which is best for the situation. You will need two
black candles, a long black ribbon, black gloves, scissors, the cauldron
containing small amount of alcohol and a silver bell.

Cleanse and consecrate all items. Dress the candles to send negativity away from
you, then light them. Hold each end of the ribbon and name them. Pass the silver
bell over the altar several times until you feel you are in tune with the
universal Energies of love and peace. Anger is not a luxury afforded to you in
this situation. Put on the black gloves and say:

I call upon the energies of Universal balance
I call upon the ancient energies of my people
I call upon the living essence of the Morrigan
Underworld and heaven
Land and sea
I waken these energies unto me
Witness now that I renounce and sever
Break bonds and connections with _______
By all powers that are one power
May the great sisters of Karma now weave anew
And separate me from you
As I will, so mote it be!

Cut the ribbon.

It is so.

Light the cauldron. Burn both pieces of ribbon.

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