Water Spells

Water Spells Cover

Water Gazing

In order to obtain the power of water you, logically, need to be near some. Find
any body of water that the sun's reflection can be found in and sit down on any
comfortable area. It is very important to relax yourself and try to get all
other images out of your head. Once you have done so, close your eyes but only
enough so that you can still see the water. If you are asking about a specific
object or person, get an image of them in your head then let the image dissolve;
see what comes into your mind after that. If you have no specific questions,
just relax your eyelids and see what images appear before you. This ability may
take awhile to master but once you have it, it will never leave you.

*please note that the sun's rays are very strong so if the reflection is too
bright for your eyes, wait for the sun to go down a bit so the reflections are
not as strong.

A Spell For Money

During a waxing moon, take a dish of water and wait for the rays of the moon to
be present on the top of the water. Once this occurs, dip your hands into the
water. Money should come to you in 28 days.

Pond Magic

Ask the water a yes or no question and throw a pebble into the water. If you
count an odd number of ripples, the answer is yes, if the number is even it is

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