Car Protection Amulet

Car Protection Amulet Cover

Items needed:

* Three and a half ounces (3 1/2 oz.) unsweetened Applesauce
* Five and a half ounces (5 1/2 oz) powdered Cinnamon, Cedar, or Sandalwood.
* Yarn or twine
* Toothpick or other inscribing instrument
* Rolling pin or straight sided glass
* Round cookie cutter or glass
* Dragon's Blood Ink and pen

The Method:

To make several Car Protection Amulets, mix the applesauce and powdered
incense together, until a thick dough is formed. (You might need a little more
or less of both items.)

Roll the dough into a ball and then flatten it with your hand. Next, use the
rolling pin to roll the dough into a half inch thickness.

Cut out the dough with a small cookie cutter, or use the rim of a glass.

Let it sit undisturbed for fifteen minutes or so to dry out slightly.

Inscribe the dough with the two symbols, one on each side. (Let it sit a few
minutes before inscribing the flip side.)

Pierce the dough to make a hole for stringing.

Let the amulet sit undisturbed until it is completely dry.

Using Dragon's Blood Ink, trace the runes.

Allow to dry completely.


Do your normal ritual preparation and start.
Lay the thoroughly dried (unstringed) amulet on your altar.

Do a protection tool dedication as your trad dictates.

When you consecrate the amulet, pass one side (slowly) over the Goddess Candle,
invoking her protection. Allow the soot from the candle to darken the amulet.

Repeat for the flip side using the God candle.

Close out the ritual as your trad dictates.

Use a soft cloth to wipe off the excess soot, allowing the soot to remain in the
inscribed runes.

String the amulet. Hang it in your car.

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