Hiding Spell

Hiding Spell Cover
Hiding spell

Over the last twenty years, I've got pretty much experience
in hiding myself magically. From that kind of experience,
I offer you one of my spells to prevent getting found by
someone you don't want he/she to find you.
I've translated it in english, the original version is in
my motherlanguage.

After the spell-introduction, which can be of various kind,
you have to focus yourself on the person(s) you will forbid
to find you. That can also be done in several ways, f.i.
with a sigil that's you've loaded with this person's essence,
by a clear mental visualization, by a voodoo-like puppet...etc.
While reciting the spell, you let melt the focused person and
your will, which you're expressing in the sell, together.
Anyway, if you're a trained magician, you'll know how tu use
this spell, what's all needed to let it work for you. Without
such knowledge, it will not do it's function and will stay just
a rather bad poem. :-) So I've no problems in publishing
this piece.

Wherever I am, you will not know,
I'm neither here nor there.
Eyes, nor brain nor spirit will show,
I am not when or where.
Your magic fails locating me,
no spell will help inform
the more you try, the less you see
It'll seem, I am not born.
Though I wouldd stand before you,
you will not recognize,
and would you try to break through,
forgetness is your price.
you'll search in vain, you will not find,
and help you will not get,
cause words got lost and thoughts got blind,
and me, you will forget.


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