To Get An Apartment Or House With What You Want

To Get An Apartment Or House With What You Want Cover 1 green candle
1 gold candle
an Incense of cinnamon & patchouli
ads of apartments or homes

Time: Waxing Moon or Full Moon, I actually did the spell on a couple different
days. Sunday seemed to be the best though.

Find ads in the newspaper or rental books with what you are Looking for.

Place the ads on your altar. Place a green and gold candle with the ads.

I used green and gold because green is for the earth and I designate the element
earth with home, gold was for the money needed to have a down payment for the
place and for success.

Light the candles and an incense made of cinnamon and patchouli. Say the

Element of Fire,
The light that you give,
Illuminate for me,
The place where I'll live.

Let the candles burn out. When you look at places you want to live look for the
brightest one!

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