Garden Witchery Magick From The Ground Up

Garden Witchery Magick From The Ground Up Cover

Book: Garden Witchery Magick From The Ground Up by Ellen Dugan

Adult/High School-With good-humored flair, Dugan offers a practical introduction to gardening that incorporates an eclectic blend of Wiccan and magical traditions. The author encourages readers to work hard to make the garden "a place where both our metaphysical and ordinary lives begin to thrive together." Outlining Basic Principles such as working with the directions and the elements, moon phases, and color, the author shows how this lore, rooted in a respect for nature, also forms the basis of good gardening practice. She offers succinct and useful information on a great variety of topics such as astrology, fairies, herbal spells and charms, crafts, and journaling, and on dealing with an equal variety of garden situations and types. Throughout, she suggests excellent sources for further information, including the Extension Service, the Poison Control Center, and the public library, and she offers an extensive bibliography (mostly of magic literature). The good advice and sound horticultural practice found here can help novices and/or budding garden witches to discover their own style and get off to a solid start, and can also enrich the experience of those who are already knowledgeable.

Written with down-to-earth humor by a Master Gardener who is also a practicing witch, this creative and encouraging guide will inspire gardeners of all ages and experience levels. It includes a journal section that makes it easy to keep track of your progress, practical gardening advice, personal stories, and garden witchery lore and magick. Inside, you'll get the dirt on:

- flower folklore
- moon gardening and astrological timing
- faerie magick
- beginning to advanced witchcraft
- floral and herbal spells
- Sabbat celebrations
- "witch crafts" (sachets, wreaths, charm bags)
- creating sacred space
- shade, moonlight, and sun gardens
- enchanted houseplant and container gardens
- magickal herbal correspondences
- garden blessings

This book was a very refreshing escape from all the 101 books out there, although, I could see it being enjoyed by Witches and non Witches alike. All that is required is a love of nature, and an open mind. It seamlessly combines practical gardening informtion with magickal advice on when to plant, gardening with the cycles of the earth and moon, how to invite blessings into the garden, and more. Ellen Dugans warm and friendly writing style makes this book a joy to read and I even found myself snickering out loud at points. Mrs. Dugan even shares with us information about the language of flowers that she unearthed in a book from 1845! It is a treasure trove of Natural Magick, including Practical Spells, and Garden Witch crafts like dream pillows and charm bags.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Magick or gardening. I am now planning new additions to my gardens for the spring based on suggestions in Garden Witchery.

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