To Conjure Wind

To Conjure Wind Cover {To Conjure Wind}
What you need:
Athame or Wand

Call the corners and with your athame or wand stand
facing the east with it pointed at arms length in
front of you. Then chant focusing all your energy down
your arm and coming out of the athame:
Oh Great Goddess
Protectress of the Watchtowers of the East
Hear me, I invoke thee
On this hot _______ (insert month name) eve, I call to thee
The nights grow hot and the days hotter still
I pray to you to look down upon me
Cool me with your gentle wind
Hear me, I pray to thee
By the power that is three times three
It is my will, so mote it be.

Then dismiss the corners and meditate. It's handy to
use on a hot day or night in the summertime to cool

Written and contributed by:
Pantera Raine=>

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