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Many mystical and magical uses have been found for the thirteen trees which symbolize the months of the Celtic lunar year, and it is likely, considering the popularity of Celtic Paganism, that many more will be discovered. However you choose to observe the lunar months, it can be helpful to first imbibe a magical brew designed to attune your body and spirit to the occasion.

Following are the recipes for thirteen teas which will accomplish just that. The measurements given are approximate, and for making one eight-ounce mug full you should use no more than a single heaping teaspoon of dry herbs placed inside a tea ball or cheesecloth strainer. All liquid measurements should be added to taste. Allow the tea to steep at least two minutes, longer if you prefer a stronger flavor. As always, when ingesting untried substances, be sure to test for any allergic reactions first, and remember that no herbal preparation should ever be taken over the long term without consulting an expert pharmacologist or botanist.

Though very few of the recipes actually contain any part of the trees to which they are attributed, they work quite well because their ingredients rely on using herbs and juices which share magical affinities with the properties of the tree. These properties are listed after the name of each tree so that, if you choose to, you can make substitutions based upon this knowledge. Depending upon the particular Celtic tradition you follow, the lunar year starts with either the first new moon closest to Samhain or the one just before Yule.


Matter of beginnings and children, purification.

- 3 parts ginger
- 1 part lemongrass
- pinch of dill
- splash of lemon juice


Empowerment, clairvoyance, air magic, exorcism.

- 1 part valerian root
- 3 parts peppermint
- pinch of eyebright
- pinch of ginger

Editors note: Valerian is a powerful sedative that affects each person differently. You may wish to use a very small amount of this herb at first to determine how it affects your body chemistry.


Matters of the intellect, magic, healing.

- 2 parts angelica
- Ѕ part sage
- Ѕ part black cohosh
- pinch of rosemary


Matters of the Otherworld, healing, love, water magic, feminine mysteries.

- 2 parts willow bark
- 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
- Ѕ part dried apples or a splash of apple juice
- pinch of rosemary


Lust, strength, energy, endurance, fertility, fire magic, male mysteries.

- 1-1/2 parts white oak bark
- Ѕ part mint
- Ѕ part orange peel
- pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg


Manifestations, protection, healing, fertility.

- 2 parts ginseng
- Ѕ part mugwort
- pinch of savory
- slash of any noncitrus juice


Spirituality, wholeness of being.

- 1 part linden
- 1 part hibiscus
- 2 tablespoons of cream or milk
- splash of cranberry juice


Peace, sleep, dreams, prosperity, happiness.

- 1 part hawthorn
- 1 part catnip
- Ѕ part rue
- Ѕ part chamomile


Matters of animals, magic, prophecy.

- 1 part kelp
- Ѕ part rose petals
- Ѕ part raspberry
- pinch of yarrow


Earth magic, sex magic, overcoming difficulties.

- 1 part blackberry
- 1 part dandelion
- splash of currant wine or grape juice
- pinch of hibiscus


Healing, cooperation, binding.

- 1 part mullein
- ј part eucalyptus
- Ѕ part barberry


Exorcism, prosperity, astral travel. Finding faeries.

- 1 part ginko
- 1 part mugwort
- 1 part valerian (see note under Rowan Moon)
- 1 part spearmint
- pinch of anise (may substitute extract)
- pinch of allspice


Fertility, love, protection.

- 1 part red clover
- 1 part hyssop
- 1 part boneset
- pinch of slippery elm

by Edain McCoy (from the '97 Llewellyn Magickal Almanac)

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