A Circle Of Protection And Love

A Circle Of Protection And Love Cover

The Mother's Cloak - An Invocation

A Circle of Protection and Love

The Mother wraps Her cloak around us.

Thus we are protected.

The Mother takes the girdle from Her waist,

and wraps it around us.

Thus we are held within Her passion for Her consort.

Thus we are held within Her passion for us.

Thus we are held within Her Passion for Herself.

Around us the Mother lets down Her hair -

blond like beach sand,

dark like earth and the empty far readhes of space.

She lets Her hair down around us,

that we may nestle within it like children

playing, hidden within the bowers of a weeping willow.

Her arms encircle us in her love.

She pulls from Her body Joyfire,

Joyfire whose name is God, Our Father,

and She wraps this circle of joy around us.

Around us are the elements of life that are Herself in truth-

by these we are protected, calmed,

given peace and joy.

Within this circle we share space with the animal peopple,

with the land, and the land of spirits,

within the weaving of all the Cosmos.


This invocation is particularly wonderful if used when casting a circle, and/or before any magic or ritual. It can also be used in times of deep stress, worry, or fear.

~ from: Goddess Initiation

by Francesca de Grandis

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