Practising The Witchs Craft Real Magic Under A Southern Sky

Practising The Witchs Craft Real Magic Under A Southern Sky Cover

Book: Practising The Witchs Craft Real Magic Under A Southern Sky by Douglas Ezzy

This book contains the stories of individual Witches, but it is much more than personal stories. It contains some spells, but it is much more than a spell book. It describes some of the theory and history of Witchcraft, but it is much more than a theory book.

Telling the stories of ordinary people who have discovered that life is enchanted, this exploration of witchcraft presents the leaders of the movement and experienced practitioners and delves into what it really means to be a witch. Describing powerful rituals and moving magical encounters, these witches discuss working with natural forces, including sexuality and the seasons, and how they craft spells and personal rituals, and use incense and herbs. With insights from many different traditions including Wicca and Paganism, this guide celebrates the pleasures and mysteries of contemporary witchcraft.
This is a book about the practice of Witchcraft. Are there different types of Witches? What is it like when you first experience magic? What do Witches believe? How do Witches perform spells? What are the aims of Witchcraft rituals? How do you find other Witches to work with? What are the dangers involved in Witchcraft? What is it like to be a Witch? Why are women so interested in Witchcraft? This book answers these questions. Witches with many years experience tell stories of their own journeys to explain the essence and variety of contemporary Witchcraft. This is a book about Witchcraft written by Witches. There are a large number of Witches in Australia, many of whom have been practising for decades. This book describes the experiences of modern Witches in their own words. I have written my contribution to this book as an academic. I have spent many years studying Witchcraft, but I did not want to write about Witchcraft.

Rather, this book is written with Witches. Witches speak for themselves. Television and film present stereotypes of Witches as either evil people on the margins of society, or gorgeous young women obsessed with fighting demons. Neither of these images of Witchcraft is accurate. Some of the people in this book have university degrees, whereas others have educated themselves. Many work in professional jobs in the media, education, health, information technology and businesses of various types. There are also Witches living in the country on alternative-lifestyle farms and some have written chapters in this book. However, Witchcraft is a religion of the city as much as of the country.

The contributors to this book are Witches who are typically practitioners with years of practice and reflection. Many are leaders of the contemporary Australian Witchcraft movement. Others are relatively inexperienced in Witchcraft, describing it from the perspective of the newly initiated. The contributors represent the diversity of the contemporary Witchcraft movement, with representatives from most of the traditions and varieties of Witchcraft in Australia. I have usually found Witches to be generous people. I have been welcomed into their circles, and have shared many meals and warm cups of tea. I could not have put this book together without the support of these people, too numerous to thank, and who often prefer not to be named anyway. They know who they are. In particular, though, I would like to thank Ambriel and Hiraeth who first encouraged me to work on this book and suggested a list of chapter topics and contributors.

I would also like to thank Lewis, who was Practising the Witch’s Craft one of my first Pagan contacts and who has shown a sustained interest in my research. Witchcraft is a spirituality that celebrates life. I hope that this book goes some way to correcting the many misunderstandings about Witchcraft that still prevail in our society. I, as an academic, remain convinced that the development of a contemporary spirituality is one of the central social issues of our times.

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