Stop Negative Feelings In A Crowd

Stop Negative Feelings In A Crowd Cover
Spell to Stop Negative Feelings while in a crowd

If you are in a crowd of People and for some reason a negative feeling or
Thought comes to you and you cannot get away from the situation, simply find a
piece of paper. It can be any type of paper. I have even used a napkin while I
was at a restaurant once. Then very quietly, take the piece of paper and make
three small tears somewhere on the paper. As you tear the paper, in your
mind's eye see the negative feelings being torn away. Take a deep breath and
allow positive feelings to surface. Very quietly, place the torn paper on some
other surface away from you. Being very discrete is apart of the magick. No
one will ever know that you just stopped negative energy being sent to you. It
will return back to them. Then, continue with the laughter, love, and light of
being around the crowd.

Copyright (c) 1996, The Divine Light.
Revised -- May 28, 1996 [The Divine Light]

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