To Head For Success

To Head For Success Cover TO HEAD FOR SUCCESS

You will need:

A green candle
A purple candle
A talisman with your religious symbol (pentacle, cross, star of David, etc.)

Place a green candle on one side of a room. Place a purple candle on the other
side. Now light the purple candle. (The lights should now be off or very dim.)
With your religious talisman hanging from a chain or string (to be worn as a
necklace) dangling from your right hand, pick up the purple (lit) candle with
your right hand. Now walk in a STRAIGHT line across the room, directly to the
green candle. Using the purple one, light the green candle. Set down the candle
to they sit next to each other. Chant:


Lay the necklace in front of it and meditate for a while on the success you
need. Let the candles burn themselves down and wear the necklace whenever you
wish success to follow you. When you walk through a door to job interviews,
auditions or anywhere you need success, imagine how you walked in a straight
line in your ritual and consciously make an effort to do the dame when passing
through the door.

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