Significance Of Candle Types

Significance Of Candle Types Cover
For the Smaller Candles I suggest you use the Seals of Solomon and Spirit Seals. Note: Never mix Ellegua and Oshun together they are enemies of the ninth degree.


Dolphins, Seashells, Unicorns, etc. In this case, choose what suits the spell. I have found that if the Goddess or God wants an offering they will guide you to it. For example: Erzulie's an Ocean Dweller, so Seashells are appropriate. To light a Seashell Candle in Her honor will most certainly get her attention and appreciation.


Use this for a thick skull! When you have to get inside someone's head, this is the ticket. Ellegua, remover of all obstacles is at work here. Use Uncrossing Oil.


Luck is the key here and that's what those in the know of Voodoo use for their gambling winnings. Anoint a Black or Red Cat Candle with Gambler's Oil, and burn in front of a Lucky Seven Candle HINT: {your lucky numbers can be inscribed on both your Lucky Seven and Cat Candle for extra Power} Need a change of luck in general? Burn a Red Cat Candle dressed with Lucky Lodestone Oil in front of a Solar Blast Candle that's been dresses with 9 Fruits Oil or Ode To Joy Oil.


This works the same way as the Male Figure, but here's a very interesting variation for women who are shy, or just in a rut. Take your Figure Candle and anoint it with either Passion Oil or Voodoo Nights Oil. Burn this in front of a Flirtation Candle and you'll not only find yourself getting there to meet men, you'll be a {HOT} number! Here's a little secret: having problems keeping a man once you've met? Then burn a White Figure dressed with Femme Blanche Oil in front of a Femme Blanche Candle.


This is used singularly to attract a man to come to you. We use this with a Female Figure, and the Spell is to bring the lovers together. Both ways accomplish the same thing; it depends on how you want to work it. Figure Candles are good for developing visualization. I recommend burning these in front of a Come To Me Candle or Hypnotic with Midnight or Mystery Oil. On the Figure Candles you have a very potent combination. Burn Passionate Lovers Incense and you have amour extraordinaire.


Care to be a Witch someone Special? Then use a Red Witch Candle anointed with Bewitching Oil and burn this in front of a Midnight
Candle. Both names should be included on the Witch Candle. Use Black Opium Incense or Voluptuous Venus Incense while the party
is there. The effects are DAZZLING.


Famous for their lucky attributes. Voodoo Rootmen use them often. You know the phrase " Lucky Devil "? Well, these candles are anointed with Flying Devil Oil and burned in front of an Uncrossing Candle. I've seen people with the worst problems have them turn around. This works best on Red Devil's. If you can't obtain a Red Devil Candle and you want to use this spell, then use a plain Red Candle instead.


Did you ever hear the expression; " He has to heavy a cross to bear?” There is a wonderful booklet written called Secrets of the Psalms. Burn an Uncrossing Candle anoint with Hyssop or Uncrossing Oil. Use Hi John Incense and read the appropriate Psalm over the candle. This works very well with all the Enchanted Candles, but the best with Uncrossings, House Blessings, Healings, Solar Blasts and the like. They are all right for Love and Money, but better when used for the more Spiritual needs.


These mostly describe themselves. Usually a Prayer is included on the candle, which will explain what the candle is for. If you're unsure and you are buying your stock in a reputable store, the staff will be able to help answer some questions for you. I strongly advise you buy your Magickal supplies in a store with good vibes, as these will absorb negativity, which will lessen the strength and Power of your Spell. Some Deities will not even come when summoned if the supplies the spell is conjured with are unclean.

---> Protective Chant <---

I'm protected by your might,
Oh gracious Goddess, Day and night.
Triple Circle that thrice around
The Circles, bound Evil sinks into the ground.

Books in PDF format to read:

Stephen William Hawking - Space And Time Warps
Michael Ford - Luciferian Sorcery And Set Typhon

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