Spells To Perform Against Enemies

Spells To Perform Against Enemies Cover 1. To harm a rival in love or a foe, pour cheap champagne into four corners of a square one moonless night ( Voodoo)
2. Form an image of the victim from meal, barley, or moistened earth, color the forehead red and clothe it in red. Point the head toward the north, and cut it off with an axe.
3. Incoporate pins in the wax image. Baste it in a mixture of water and ale; then roast it over a fire.
4. Baptize a large toad in the name of the victim, and make it swallow a piece of parchment (paper will do) inscribed with evil words or characters. Then tie with hair of the victim, and bury it under a threshholld or other place he (she) passes daily.
5. For each letter of the name of a person you wish to harm, take a stone and identify that stone with your enemy. Boil the stone until the water has evaporated, then throw the stone into a river, or large body of water. ( I have used this personally to injure my asshole stepfather, he was stricken with a horrible chest infection which nearly collapsed his lungs. He spent 21 days in a hospital. I used this spell inconjunction with a Satanic destruction ritual)
6. Make a picture of the victim out of black colored wax; Then shoot it with arrows.
7. "If anyone shall, with an entire new knife, cut asunder a lemon, using words impressive of hatred, contumely, or dislike, against any individual, the absent party, through at an unlimited distance, feels a certain inexpressible and cutting anguish of the heart, Together With a cold chilliness and failure throughout the body." (You may also stick pins in a lemon, orange or other fruit or vegetable. As the fruit dries and decays, your enemy will similarly waste away. Or call an herb or flower by the name of your enemy, and let it dry out.)
8. Stick pins into a sheep's heart and roast it over a fire into which salt has been thrown, saying: It is not this heart I mean to burn, but (name) heart that I mean to burn Wishing him neither rest nor peace till he is dead and gone.
9. Bury bottles or vials along a path where the victim will walk. When his foot touches the spot, he will become diseased.
10. To kill an enemy, say a mass for the dead in his name. This is especially effective when performed in a graveyard.
11. Prick a piece of leather nine times. (the true number of Satan).
12. To injure an enemy, wrap a washed human bone in cotton, along with Something that belongs to him.
13. While reciting incantations, throw into a well a pin and a pebble which the victim's initials have been engraved.
14. To bewitch an enemy to death: hang up a black toad by the heels and collect venom in an oyster shell and impregnate with it a piece of the victims soiles linen.
15. Weave hair of a victim into a bird's nesr to drive him mad. Or introduce the hair into a growing branch; as the wood covers it, he will become mad.
16. Consecrate nails, especially those from a coffin, using fumes of saturn (pepperwort root, frankincense). Follow the footsteps of your intended victim and prick the shape of an inverted Pentagram in all you can.
17. Make and hide a string of nine knots. Unless the victim can find it and untie the knots he will slowly die
18. " As the rising sun takes away the lustre of the stars, thus do I take away the strength of both the women and men that hate me. As many enemies as ye are, looking out against me, as I come on-of those who hate me, do I take away the strength, as the sun takes away the strength of persons asleep. " (recite this charm during a destruction ritual)
19. To make someones's hair fall out, collect pieces of it that have fallen when his hair was cut, and put them in a place where a bird will carry them away.
20. "I,-----------, will breathe on thee, three drops of blood I draw from thee . The first from thy heart , the other from thy liver, the third from thy vigorous life. By this I take all thy strength , and thou losest the strife." (repeat 3 times)

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