Garden Witchs Herbal Green Magick Herbalism And Spirituality

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Book: Garden Witchs Herbal Green Magick Herbalism And Spirituality by Ellen Dugan

Ellen Dugan is a funny, exact and experienced writer. She has information on gardening and herbs and reasons for using all things green that can't be equaled. I don't believe in the spells and chants and things to ward off the "bump in the night" problems but I do enjoy reading about them. I will always buy her books because even if you only grow a window plant her facts and stories will enchant you. Every Witch needs a little corner of the world to tend. Deepen your connection to the earth and watch your magickal skills blossom. Ellen Dugan presents a variety of ways to honor and work with the plant kingdom in this charming hands-on guide to green magick and spirituality. Designed to enhance any tradition or style of the Craft, this handy herbal reference provides the physical description, folklore, magickal qualities, and spellwork correspondences for a wealth of flowers, trees, and herbs, and features forty-seven botanical drawings.

About the author:

Ellen Dugan, the "Garden Witch," is an award-winning author, a psychic-clairvoyant and a regular contributor to Llewellyn's almanacs, datebooks, and calendars. A practicing Witch for over twenty-five years, she is also a certified Master Gardener. Ellen has written several books, including Garden Witchery, Elements of Witchcraft, Natural Magick for Teens, Cottage Witchery, Autumn Equinox, The Enchanted Cat, Herb Magic for Beginners, Natural Witchery, and How to Enchant a Man. Her Garden Witch's Herbal, and Book of Witchery will be published in 2009. When not keeping up with her family, Ellen unwinds by working in her perennial gardens at home with her husband. She wholeheartedly encourages everyone to personalize their green spellcraft by getting their hands dirty, discovering the wonder and magic of the natural world, and connecting with the spiritual side of nature.

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Garden Witchs Herbal Green Magick Herbalism And Spirituality

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