Ten Of Diamonds Luck Spell

Ten Of Diamonds Luck Spell Cover
STEP 1: Remove the 10 of diamonds from a new deck of playing cards and place it on a dish. (" may also substitute the 10 of coins card from any tarot ")

STEP 2: Sprinkle it with dirt, lodestone powder, and Van Van Oil, and any coin.

STEP 3: Carve a red candle with your Gypsy name. Dress the candle with Van Van oil. (Don't have a gypsy name? Here's a definitive list.)

STEP 4: Put it on top of the card.

STEP 5: Burn the candle while visualizing a stream of good luck coming your way... think about specific types of "good luck" you'd like to have. (Examples: do you want some "surprise" money to find you? Or a surprise, and special visitor? Or something else? Thank of a few different things you'd like to have happen.)

STEP 6: When the candle has burned out, place the card (with the dirt, powder, wax remnants, and oil on it) into a "mojo" bag. Either carry the bag with you, or put it in a safe place in your room...

STEP 7: Once a week, dribble some Van Van Oil on the "mojo" to keep the good luck coming...

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