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Blood Witch by Cate Tiernan

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"Blood Witch" starts off with Morgan still in Cal's mother's secret, private library/office. She has found her birth mother's "Book Of Shadows" in Selene's office. Cal and Selene catch Morgan in her private office and confront her. Morgan tells her she found her mother's "Book Of Shadows" and states that it belongs to her and she is taking it home with her.

Later while at home alone, Morgan is scrying in the fire and sees her birth mother at an old house pointing under the house. Morgan ask her best friend Robbie to go with her to find the house. When they find the house Morgan crawls under the house and finds a box with her mother's initials on it. They take it back to Robbie's house and open it. They find her mother's tools inside the box.

Morgan goes to Cal's house to celebrate her 17 birthday which is the next day. They hold a kind of two person circle and meditate. Morgan realizes that it is past her curfew so they start to leave and when they are outside Hunter pulls up. He tells Morgan that he is a seeker and that he is there to take Cal to the International Council of witches. Cal takes off running through the woods, Hunter tells Morgan to stay there and goes after Cal. But of course she does not listen to him, she follows them. She finds them fighting, Cal's hands are all bloody. Hunter grabs Cal and ties his hands with a braigh - a spelled chain meant to hurt witches. He begs Morgan to help him and she realizes that she loves Cal so she throws the athame and hits Hunter in the neck and Cal kicks him and knocks him off the cliff into the river.

I just can't believe they just walk away and leave Hunter there. I mean he is probably hurt really bad. I can hardly believe that she would just throw a athame at him like that. I guess she felt that was the only choice she had. I guess she really believed that he was going to kill Cal. I can't wait to read the next book "Dark Magick" to find out if they actually do just leave him there or not.

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