The Witchs Spellcraft Revised

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Book: The Witchs Spellcraft Revised by Tarostar

This is a wonderfull little book to have in your library. Its written much like her other book The Witchs Formulary and SpellBook.......its full of rhymes and spells by her and lady charmaine dey. I highly reccomend this one even if its just to have it for your collection. Its based on Hoodoo and Voodoo in the new orleans style and is full of easy to find usefull spells and ingredients.

Tarostar is a great author who doesnt mince words. His books are pretty straightforward and to the point. If your looking for lots of ethical stuff, forget it. You wont find it here. He offers you very practical spells and rites to use.

Finally a book written which is not in any way geared toward wicca or fulffy bunny scott cunninghamites. This book is packed with a wonderfull array of spells for every purpose which pays no heed to the eastern concept of karma or 3 fold law. I reccomend this book with highest reguards.

This book is fluffy bunny stuff here. This book is filled with delightful rhymes to help you do some serious spellwork. Pay attention to how the spells are written, and you will learn a lot about magickal will and intention. This bool gives you the idea your not alone. When you first open it you can just feel the magic flowing into your body and lifting you into the air. hope you like it too, keep reading.

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