Some Powerful Binding Spells

Some Powerful Binding Spells Cover

Binding Spell I

You can use a white candle and thread and charge your candle with protection (using protection oil),
Or you can use a black candle and black thread, charging the candle with binding negative forces (using all-purpose oil).


Take your candle, anoint and charge it. Light the candle and incense, we used Frankincense and Myrrh. Write on the twig all the negative things that you wish to bind in your life. Take your thread and wind it around the twig while chanting:

" Wound and bound, Wound and bound,
So the words of will resound,
Holding, binding, clasping firm,
This evil shall not return!

When the twig is full, or you feel the power at it's peak say


When you are finished, place the twig into a wooden box, or bury it in the earth, or burn it. Since it has no person's name, you will not need to undo the spell...

Binding Spell II

Required ingredients:

- Black figure candle
- Pieces of cord
- A valid motive

By Air and Earth,
By Water and Fire,
So, Be ye bound, as I desire.

By Three and Nine,
Your power I bind,
By Moon and Sun,
My Will be done.

Sky and Sea,
Keep Harm from me,
Cord go round,
Power be bound.

Light revealed,



Binding Spell III

Materials needed:

- symbol of the person you wish to bind
- black ribbon for burning:
- matches or lighter
- cauldron or heat proof bowl
- bowl of water yourself

Cast your circle and your invocations, then take the symbol of the person you wish to bind, and wrap a black ribbon around I (do not overlap ribbon if you plan to rip instead of burn). Burn it in your cauldron or rip it. While doing so, chant these words three times:

"(name of person), by the Lady and the Lord, you are binded, and incapable of doing harm against (anyone or anything you choose)."

After said three times, say,

"so mote it be."

Then place the ashes or the ripped quantity in the bowl of water for the Person to be cleansed.

Binding someone dangerous:

Best performed on Saturday (Saturn's Day),
To bind a criminal / one who intends to do harm,
To bring someone to justice

Collect your materials, including a poppet you made to represent the person in question Cast a circle.
Light a black candle and burn myrrh incense.
Sprinkle the poppet with salt water, saying

Blessed be, thou creature made of art.
By art made, by art changed.
Thou art not clothe (or wax, whatever)
But flesh and blood
I name thee
(person being bound)
Thou art s/he, between the worlds, in all the worlds,
So mote it be

Hold the poppet and imagine it enmeshed in silver net, binding the person in question. Tie the poppet up firmly with red ribbon, binding all parts of it that could possibly do harm.
Charge it, saying,

By air and earth,
By water and fire,
So be you bound,
As I desire.
By three and nine,
Your power I bind.
By moon and sun,
My will be done.
Sky and sea
Keep harm from me.
Cord go round,
Power be bound,
Light revealed,
Now be sealed.

Release the powers and open the circle. Bury the poppet at the time of the waning moon, far from your home, under a heavy rock. Go home and have some juice and do grounding. And clearing meditation.

A charm to bind an enemy:

Gather cobwebs from your house. Place them all a tangle upon a black cloth. Procure then a fly, recently dead, and set it down upon the mass of webs. These words should then be written down on paper:

"North, South, East, West
Spider's web shall bind him best
East, West, North, South
Hold his limbs and stop his mouth
Seal his eyes and choke his breath
Wrap him round with ropes of death.

Fold the paper 4 times and wrap it, the fly and webs in the black cloth, forming a small bag. This should then be bound up with the end of a long cord and suspended from a hook in a dark corner of the home. Do not disturb it, but let it hang until it is thickly covered in dust. Then take down and bury it in the earth to work its influence in perpetual secrecy.

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