Spell To Ward Off Drunkeness

Spell To Ward Off Drunkeness Cover
Here is an old old Ukrainian spell. Say this charm to ward off drunkeness" Hops and Vine, take leave of Ivan, take yee to dark woods, where no body roams, no steed stirs and no birds alights. Hops and Vine, take yee to a fleet running stream, on which no body rows. Take leave of Ivan and wend your way by tempestuous winds, go yee hither by wind. Attach yourself to an evil one, who thinks evil thoughts of Ivan, to him that does no good attach yee - yet rid me of thy ills forever more.


East Slavic spells and charms vary according to their purpose, but all are subject to certain rules in casting them. For starters, they must be whispered or at least said so that no one else hears them. The person casting the spell must have all of his teeth so that the force of his words is not lost. He also cannot smoke or drink, but must have a clean body and strong will. Nor can he charm or curse someone for money. And there is no room for improvisation - neither additions nor subtractions from the original text. If it's a nasty spell, it must be cast on black days (Monday or Friday). If it's a nice one - Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. But the real strength of the remedy or curse lies in the power of the thoughts of the one who invokes it.

From: Only in Ukraine

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