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In this urban day & age, as much as we would like to always hold our ceremonies outside, this just isn't possible. Weather, time of day, & living quarters all play a part in deciding where we are able to have our rites. Now days, many people (myself included) live in town in an apartment building. Both space & neighbors can be a problem in this setting. Even though the Burning Times are behind us, our religion is still not accepted by many people. For this, & many other personal reasons, some of us choose to erect only temporary sacred spaces. Here are some easy ways to create a truly sacred space in what is normally your bedroom, living room, or whatever...

First, for people who are comfortable working in almost any setting, try taking stones, crystals, etc. & using them as your circle boundaries. You could cast your circle as you place the stones. When you place the eastern stone, call the powers of that quarter & so on.

For Witches who like to change the atmosphere a little more, try buying or making a circle cloth. this is a circular piece of material, in a size that is comfortable for you, that is your magickal circle. You simply take it out, lay it down & energize like you would with any other casting. Perform your rites, & when you are finished, your entire circle folds neatly for easy storage.

This circle cloth can be anywhere from simple to elaborate. Buy a piece of material that you like, & cut out a circle. Cut the circle to the diameter of circle that you normally cast for your workings, be it three, four, or six feet. Most importantly make the diameter of your cloth a size that you are comfortable with. It can be left as simple as that, or you could decorate your cloth with power symbols, runes, astrological symbols, or whatever you choose. Just stitch, paint, draw, or glue on the symbols you want.

For those Witches with no craft talent whatsoever, go to your local store & find the tablecloth section. One of the sizes is a 72-inch round. This just happens to be a six foot circle. once again, either pick a color pattern you like or leave the cloth plain or decorate to suit your tradition.

Have fun trying these ideas.


Books in PDF format to read:

John Yarker - The Anglo Saxon Chronicle
Aleister Crowley - Liber 685 Vel Cicles
Ona - The Dark Forces

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