Different Types Of Spells

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Given below is a brief on the different types of spells such as wiccan spell, witchcraft spells, druid spells, warlock spells, witch spells, shaman spells, paladin spellsWiccan Spells

Wiccans are practitioners of a form of witchcraft known as Wicca. It is a Neopagan religion. Wiccans practice many rituals including casting Wiccan spells. Healing Wiccan spells are very popular and most of the Wiccan spells are designed to help people. The belief system of the Wiccan followers does not permit the Wiccans to practice Wiccan spells that harm people. Laying of curses as practiced by some Wiccans are actually forbidden by their law.Witchcraft Spells

The craft that uses supernatural powers to harm others by witches is traditionally called witchcraft and witches are often linked to the Devil. However there are good witches too and witchcraft spells are the spells that these witches practice. A Witchcraft spell can be a group of words, a ritual action or verse. There were many methods of casting a Witchcraft spell such as binding or immolation of a clay or wax image of the target person to cause harm to him, performing rituals, using amulets or potions of herbs etc.
Druid Spells

Druids belonged to a class priests in some parts of Europe including Britain as early as the Stone Age. Mention of druids and their powers and influence on royal families are found in Roman history. According to Irish documents, druids were sorcerers possessed powers to perform divination. They could cast Druid spells to turn humans into stones and animals and destroy crops.
Warlock Spells

Warlocks are known to be a class of highly feared spell casters, having mastered the arts of demons. They were experts in cursing, warlock spells and could fire bolts of shadow and fire and in battles and combats and could get the demons to help them. They could also help their allies in healing by using powerful warlock spells. They used ritual magic to create health stones with power to heal. With their powerful warlock spells one can cause destruction and havoc as well as help people.
Witch Spells

Witches like Wiccans also practice witchcraft, but unlike Wiccans, who belong to the pagan religion, a witch can be anyone, male or female, not necessarily belonging to any faith or religion. They can cast magic witch spells for love, money, relationships and so on. Most common witch spells are: witch Spells for healing, fertility, jobs and psychics.
Shaman Spells

Shamans are those who practice Shamanism which is a term used to refer to certain beliefs and practices with regards to the world of spirits. Shaman spells include the use of fire and lightning to cause damage, summoning spirit wolves to aid in battles, restoration Shaman spells to heal, Cleanse Spirit Shaman spell for removing curses and the Heroism Shaman spell to boost the entire groups morale and healing.
Paladin spells

Paladins are believed to be God's warrior who protects friends from danger. Paladin spells can heal, deal with damage in the case of a melee, and paladins have access to the unique paladin spell of invulnerability called the Divine Shield.

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