Freeze Your Rival Spell

Freeze Your Rival Spell Cover Freeze your Rival Spell

The following spell is to freeze the negativity sent by an enemy. It is an
ancient spell that is very potent. If you cast it you can rest assured that you
will certainly stop the antics of your enemy (without harming them). This spell
can be cast at any time and during any phase of the moon.


1 piece of paper large enough for you to print the full name
of your enemy.

A refrigerator

1 ice-cube tray or small plastic bottle.


Step (1) Print the name of your enemy on paper.
If you don't know your enemy's name, just print

Step (2) Place paper in ice-cube tray.

Step (3) Fill ice-cube tray with water and place in the freezer compartment of
refrigerator. As you place the tray in freezer repeat this verse:

"Stay there and freeze
For as long as I please."

Step (4) Leave name in ice until danger is past. Do not allow ice to thaw.

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