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I have a binding spell done in the dark of night that worked extremely fast and very well.

Begin with a black banishing candle and some black crochet thread (unless you happen to have lots of natural spider web around, or a trained spider) and a black plastic spider.
Tie the end of the thread to the spider so that it can be used to wrap the string around a candle in a spiral, nine passes up then nine down. (This causes a candle to burn extremely high so make sure you don't work this near anything that can catch fire... like long robe sleeves or curtains or such.)

Annoint the candle with a suitable banishing oil, (something usually foul smelling unfortunately) Then begin at the base of the candle wrap the thread up the candle in nine passes, then back down. As you wrap upward use a modification of Bucklands knot spell.
By pass of one, the spells begun,
By pass of two, it cometh true,
By pass of three, so mote it be,
By pass of four, energy I store,
By pass of five, the spell's alive,
By pass of six, my will I fix,
By pass of seven, the energy I leven,
By pass of eight, it will be fate,
By pass of nine, what I will is mine.

As you pass the thread back down the candle in nine passes to cross the first, you may use this, or a variation on it. (Mine happens to be binding a female).
It should be done in the dark of the moon.

Weave the web, weave it tight,
Bind in anger, hate and spite.
Here beneath the dark of moon
Grant me my requested boon.
Bind the anger back to her.
Truth be told of the way things were.
Weave the web, weave it tight,
Bind in anger hate and spite.

Spider walk and spider weave,
Stress and worry take your leave.
Here upon this moonless night
Return the balance, set things right.
Laws of Karma come to bear
teach the lessons lying there.
Spider walk and spider weave,
stress and worry take your leave.

Snip the spider from the thread, knot it at the base of the candle. Then meditate as you burn the candle. (If you have had assistance from a live spider, please release it kindly after finishing.)

I do recommend you use this with caution. Be sure you are ready to take any lessons from Karma headed your way as well.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Aleister Crowley - Concerning Blasphemy
Anonymous - Divination Spreads

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