Energies Of The Waning Moon

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As I am writing this, we are only two days into the waning Moon, but it is time to think of all the things we have to do before the Moon is dark again. This phase of the Moon favors completion, letting go, and finishing things off. It is not the time to begin new projects since the energy of this cycle is diminishing, and you will find yourself less apt to follow through when the new cycle begins. I have a new project that I am so anxious to start, but it is going to have to wait if I want it to be a success.

The waning Moon is a time for "getting rid of" which means that any workings you do are going to be much more effective if you put yourself into that mindset first. Clear yourself of unfinished business now, clearing the way and freeing you to take advantage of the new opportunities that will come about at the new Moon.

The waning Moon is associated with the Crone aspect of the Goddess, and the Mage aspect of the God. Now is also the time for you to engage in those activities which increase your own wisdom. Think of a plan and begin to act on it. This cycle of the Moon can be just as powerful and productive as any of the other Moon phases, or it can be a time of decreased activity and increased rest. It's all up to you.

Honor your existence. Be aware of the smells around you, the creatures and the plants, the tastes of all you eat and the dreams that fill your idle time. Grant yourself time to live this day in many dimensions.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):

Judy Harrow - Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede
Michael Ford - The Book Of The Witch Moon
Anonymous - Bealtaine Circle Of The Dark Moon

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