Stone Protection Spell

Stone Protection Spell Cover
Every home can benefit from protection. This spell employs one of nature's sturdiest objects, a stone. Choose a plain rock at least as big as your fist. Set it on your altar between a bowl of salt and a bowl of water. Behind these, light a black candle.

Sprinkle the stone with salt, saying: " I consecrate this stone with the purifying power of "

Sprinkle it with water, saying: " I consecrate this stone with the cleansing power of "

Pass it over the flame, saying: " I consecrate this stone with the attraction of flame to "

Finally, trace the image of an eye on the stone with your finger, and say" watch and guard around my home,

I invoke the strength of stone.

All evil thoughts be drawn within:

Strike here and leave me alone!

Blow out the candle; empty the salt and water outside. Keep the rock near your door. Once a month, when the moon is new, bring the stone doors. With an attitude of gratitude, lovingly wash the stone in warm soapy water to cleanse it, rinse it in warm salt water to purify it, and then with your finger retrace the eye on the stone and repeat the invocation. Return the stone to it's place by the door.

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