Strengthening Spell

Strengthening Spell Cover STRENGTHENING SPELL

This works well as a group, but can also be used as a solitary.
Take a purifying bath. Use your favorite incense.

Cast the circle and then think of all the Things That strengthen you.
Say them aloud if you can:

I become strong Through facing my fears.
I become strong Through my friends who support me.
I become strong through my family that loves me unconditionally.
I become strong through making mistakes.
I become strong through taking a stand.
I become strong through dreaming.

Add whatever you feel moved to add.

Chant and raise power. Sit quietly within your circle and reabsorb the power
that all these things continue to give you. Release the circle when you are

Here is a simple chant that I find strengthens me:

"We are an old people,
we are a new people,
we are the same people,
stronger than before.
I am a strong [wo]man,
I am a healer,
and my soul will never die."

Repeat until you feel the energy strengthen you.

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